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Philosophy & Programs
A “no-kill” provision in the agreement between the City of Aspen, Pitkin County and the shelter provides a sanctuary for dogs, cats and other domestic animals found within county borders until owners can be found. This “no-kill” philosophy applies in every instance with the exception of animals who are suffering severely or are deemed a safety threat to humans.
Dog Walking Program
Recognized by the American Humane Association as one of the top 100 animal shelter programs in the United States, Aspen’s dog walking program provides a way to ensure that shelter dogs get plenty of exercise and human interaction. As many as twelve volunteers come by the shelter each day specifically to take a dog for a hike or long walk.
Educational Programs at Local Schools
The shelter works very hard to educate school children on how to take care of animals. There are a number of in-house programs in which kids visit the shelter and interact with the resident dogs and cats. There are also several outreach programs designed to reach children attending these local schools.

• A mentorship program with the Aspen Middle School
• An internship program with the Aspen Community School
• A community involvement program with the Aspen Country Day School

This program allows resort visitors, who have been forced to leave their pets at home, the opportunity to fill the void by spending a day outside the shelter with one of the animals who lives here. This program is also open to residents.
Media Programs
Media coverage through Aspen’s television channels 12 and 16, local radio station KSPN, and the Aspen Times Daily and Weekly newspapers has resulted in a very successful adoption rate.